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Blog - February 2010

I really enjoy the opportunity to help other businesses in the area promote their business.
It's also nice to receive positive feedback from business owners, after they see a printed piece
of their product or service, displayed in such a beautiful way!

Below are two wedding cakes, and both were made by the same cakemaker, "Kelly's Cakes".
Both photographs were taken at the same wedding venue, Terry Hills, Batavia, NY.
The first cake is from a June wedding, and the one below it was from an October wedding.
Wonderful natural light is coming in from a huge wall of windows, complete with a view of the golf course!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The venue below is the historic Avon Inn. In late November 2009,
I had the wonderful opportunity to photographically cover a 50th  Wedding Anniversary celebration. 

Avon Inn Promo Card

A recent photo session took place at a local sports car dealer, 101 Motorsports.
Their showroom is located at 101 Main Street, Batavia, NY.
Print deadline for these Promo Cards was just before the start of the Atlantic City Classic Car Show on February25th.
Below are three promo card designs that show the colors available, the interior and details of the Cobra emblem.
Also, a big thanks
to Louie for helping with the ladder so I could photograph from a higher perspective.

 Sports Car Promo Card

Sports Car Promo Card

Sports Car Promo Card

The collage (five photos) below is made up from a Wedding I covered in October 2009.
The Mane Attraction is passionate about customer service and the talents of their hair stylists!

Hair Salon Promo Card

Next is a multi-image promotional piece I designed for Bohn's Restaurant in Batavia, NY.
The second one down was also photographed at the same venue, but this design will be used
by "yours truly" to promote my wedding photography coverage.
Restaurant Promo Card

Wedding Collage Promo Card

Below are the beautiful wedding flowers and work of local florist,
Batavia Stage Coach Florist & Gifts, located in the Batavia City Centre. 

Florist Promo Card

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